• The COVIDRIVE Governance Charter provides an overview of the governance framework of COVIDRIVE (objectives, guiding principles, stakeholders, roles and responsibilities, legal and regulatory environment, publications, secondary use of data, communication and expected tasks/deliverables). The governance principles are implemented through the Consortium Agreement. Ways of working and priorities may be adapted (upon agreement by the Partners) to fit the Partners’ needs, the changing COVID-19 situation and related changes to the implementation of the vaccination programmes. This document (currently approved version 6.0) provides a trusted and transparent framework to guide other potential multi-stakeholder public-private long-term collaborations to conduct vaccine studies in Europe. Access here the latest approved version of the Covidrive Governance Charter.

  • COVID-19 Real-World Evidence Primer (ISPE and Reagan-Udall Foundation for FDA). COVIDRIVE is described in Chapter 5: Major Multi-Stakeholder Initiatives — Defining the Future of COVID-19 Observational Research

  • Wilhelmine Meeraus, Leonie de Munter, Christen M. Gray, Akshat Dwivedi, Chloé Wyndham-Thomas, Mario Ouwens, Wendy Hartig-Merkel, Laura Drikite, Griet Rebry, Antonio Carmona, Anke L. Stuurman, Thi Yen Chi Nguyen, Guillermo Mena, Ainara Mira-Iglesias, Giancarlo Icardi, Susana Otero-Romero, Sebastian Baumgartner, Charlotte Martin, Sylvia Taylor, and Kaatje Bollaerts. Protection against COVID-19 hospitalisation conferred by primary-series vaccination with AZD1222 in non-boosted individuals: first vaccine effectiveness results of the European COVIDRIVE study and meta-regression analysis. The Lancet Regional Health – Europe (2023),